Headhunting is a highly involved process that can involve significant amounts of time, effort and expenditure. For this reason, the technique is generally used only by leading businesses seeking to fill senior roles by searching for industry specialists with unique skill sets.

Headhunting techniques usually involve a search for strong candidates who have experience of performing specific duties to a high level within the relevant field.

Finding the right individual can make a huge difference to the success of the company in question, so headhunters can usually expect some level of negotiation when it comes to discussing the role with a candidate – after all, any new position will need to be worth their while.

So what sort of positions are most commonly headhunted, and why? In this article, we explore some of the roles most suited to headhunting.


IT and Tech Specialists

IT, computing, automation and technology are swiftly advancing fields with highly knowledgeable and skilled pioneers at the head of every wave.

Specialist skills are greatly in demand within this sector, particularly within “niche” areas. Leading figures within the fields of R&D, advanced programming, systems development, AI, automation and robotics – and even graphics and processing – are exceptionally valuable and therefore highly sought after.


Marketing Gurus

Everyone is looking for the newest and most exciting way to sell their products. With the results of their labours displayed in some of the most public spheres imaginable, marketing specialists at the peak of their careers are regularly headhunted.

It’s easy to discover who was the “brains” behind this or that campaign and seek them out to offer them a position, so successful marketing execs can usually take their pick of exciting job offers – particularly directly after the launch of a successful, high profile campaign.

Executives and Pioneers Within Highly Specialist Manufacturing Fields

If you are a leading expert in the manufacture of products that very few organisations have the know-how to produce, you’re very likely to get headhunted.

From sophisticated electronics to marine equipment, nuclear power and vehicular design or development, there is a wide range of niches that are home to highly sought-after specialists.

Standout industry professionals are easily recognisable in these fields and will regularly be approached by headhunters.



Leading experts in almost any scientific field will rarely find themselves in want of a job.

Many of these specialists will regularly publish their findings and theories in papers, essays and journals which are easily accessible to others in their field.

This makes headhunting within the sciences relatively straightforward, as much of it simply involves conducting research into the work of leading academics within relevant practices and making contact with those who seem the best possible fit for the company in question.



Whether in the world of fashion, interior design, video games, vehicles, town planning or any other medium that combines the production of visual products with technical know-how involved in creating them, it’s easy for headhunters to spot the results they like and discover who designed them.

Many designers work on a project basis, and so are regularly on the lookout for the next “gig”. This, along with the significant levels of visibility they often enjoy, makes designers superb subjects for headhunting.

Of course, there are many more roles that are suitable for headhunting, from consultants to executives and everyone in-between. To find out whether a headhunting approach would work for your business, contact Schward Recruit today.


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