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Schward Recruit is focused on personal service.

Whether your agricultural business is in a capital city or a regional area, whether the position is large or small, we make the effort to know as much as possible about the position, your business and what you want from the position.

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Agricultural Job Recruitment Services

Finding the best agricultural staff can be a lengthy process that does not always bear the best fruit. Using agricultural recruitment services could be the answer you have been looking for, and Schward Recruit is experienced in finding the best staff for your agricultural business.

We specialise in finding you the best staff for your agricultural businesses and we offer recruitment services for every position to get the best candidates and help your business to continue to thrive, even if you need a recruiter to do an executive head hunting search for you.

Recruiting For Agriculture in Sydney

As agriculture recruitment specialists, we know what to look for when sourcing the best talent and staff for your business. What’s more, before we even begin to look, we come out to you, no matter how remote you are, to discover all about the culture of your business and just what you need from your new employee or employees.

This is just one of the ways that we can save you time. Unlike some other agriculture job recruiters, we are fully mobile; you do not need to travel to us as this could be time better spent on developing your business and completing the essential tasks.

When we come to you, we find out as much as possible to ensure that we can get you the perfect candidate that will fit into your business.

What Makes Schward Recruit Different?

As part of the agriculture job recruitment process, we understand that finding suitable candidates with the right skill set is essential for a successful working relationship. However, at Schward Recruit, we take this a step further by also considering the person behind the skills. After all, if they have all the skills but do not fit well into your company, they are more likely to be unsuccessful in the long run.

We find out about potential candidates by completing personality tests and interviews, which can either be by phone or face-to-face. Should you require us to, we can also conduct further testing, such as aptitude testing, to ensure the candidate is a good fit. Through this process, we’ve been able to match candidates in the mining recruitment and health recruitment industries. We’re confident in our ability to do the same for agriculture.

Help With Agriculture Recruitment Every Step of the Way

Ultimately, we know that you are going to be working with the chosen candidate and that is why we create a shortlist for you, and you get the final say into who you want to employ.

Nevertheless, our involvement does not stop there. We remain in contact with both you and the employee to ensure that things are going smoothly. Should you require it, we can also support the onboarding process, which can be tricky, helping to make sure that everyone is happy.

Contact Schward Recruit Today

When looking for agriculture recruitment agencies, look no further than Schward Recruit for a great service every time.

If you are not satisfied with your chosen candidate after the three-month warranty period, we will begin the process again free of charge to ensure you get the right person. We also do not expect payment in full until after the initial three-month period, and we remain in contact with you during this period.

Contact us today to see how our agriculture recruitment agency could help your business and save you vital time.

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Benefits of Schward

Exceptional Personalised Service


Client Focus

 We visit all of our clients, and take the time to learn what they really need.


Saving Your Time

We go through the time-intensive process of reviewing candidates’ written applications, phone interviews and then face-to-face interviews. Where necessary, candidates will also have specific aptitude, psychometric and skills testing.



We present candidates who are most aligned to the client for their consideration.

Where is Schward?

Schward is Wherever You Need Us to Be.

Flexible & Mobile

At Schward, no matter whether your business is in a capital city, a major regional centre or  somewhere smaller, we want to do everything we can to help.

This means that we will come and speak to you about your needs, and do everything we can to find the staff most aligned to the position that you need filled.

For Candidates

Candidates Are Important Too

While our focus is on introducing the best aligned candidates to our clients we also want to ensure that candidates have a good experience. 

Candidates can experience job seeking as a dehumanising and demoralising period filled with anxiety and concern about whether they are good enough.  We do our best to alleviate this.

We give constructive feedback to all clients that we interview whether they are approved for the final position or not.  By gaining feedback, candidates will be able to better prepare for their futures.

Keeping Your Cash-Flow In Mind

While using a recruiting service is cost effective, it can still be expensive,

We break up the costs to help with cash-flow.

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