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Doctor Recruitment Agencies in Australia

At Schward Recruit, we believe that a rigorous and extensive recruitment process can help you to avoid some big hiring mistakes. Whether you are searching for a specialised GP recruitment agency in Sydney, or you need recruitment agencies for doctors in Australia that helps in finding the right service can make or break your business.

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Searching for a Specialised Recruitment Agencies for Doctors in Australia

An experienced team of recruiters knows what to look for. We go beyond the surface level when it comes to your company and the candidates that we shortlist. By fully understanding your needs and through extensive screening and interviewing, we make it less likely for you to hire the wrong person. Just like a bad hire, a good hiring decision can have a massive impact on your company and team.

Save on Hiring Costs

Hiring can be expensive. It involves advertising, skills tests, background checks and spending valuable company time on meeting with candidates. Once hired, a candidate is also likely to require training which, depending on the role, can also come at a price. Hiring the wrong candidate means having to go through these processes more than once. This is not only an inconvenience, but it can cost much more than you had planned for. Because of this, getting it right from the start can save you thousands in time, money, and resources.

Maximise Productivity

The best employees also require minimal time adjusting to their new workplaces and are highly skilled at what they do. Choosing the right candidate contributes to a productive work environment because it simply means adding a productive member to the team. Less time is spent on training and correcting when you have chosen a qualified employee.

Maintain Your Reputation

A bad hire can cost a company its reputation. While it may be easy enough to fire someone, who does not fit the role, undoing any damage they have done may not be as simple. There are many reasons a bad hire can affect your company’s reputation negatively. Client relations, for instance, may be affected by incompetence or the wrong personality. On the other hand, making a sound recruitment decision can help to maintain and even improve a business’s reputation.

Make the Right Decision with Schward Recruit

Since Schward Recruit is dedicated to putting the clients’ needs first, we are a step ahead when it comes to facilitating good hires. We care more about finding candidates that are a match according to your specific requirements, not just in a general sense. We have done this for a number of industries, such as hospitality recruitment and child care recruitment, and we have firsthand experience in finding suitable candidates with our process. 

Get in touch with us today to start the process of making the right hiring decisions. No matter where you are, we will come to you. 

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Benefits of Schward

Exceptional Personalised Service


Client Focus

 We visit all of our clients, and take the time to learn what they really need.


Saving Your Time

We go through the time-intensive process of reviewing candidates’ written applications, phone interviews and then face-to-face interviews. Where necessary, candidates will also have specific aptitude, psychometric and skills testing.



We present candidates who are most aligned to the client for their consideration.

Where is Schward?

Schward is Wherever You Need Us to Be.

Flexible & Mobile

At Schward, no matter whether your business is in a capital city, a major regional centre or  somewhere smaller, we want to do everything we can to help.

This means that we will come and speak to you about your needs, and do everything we can to find the staff most aligned to the position that you need filled.

For Candidates

Candidates Are Important Too

While our focus is on introducing the best aligned health candidates to our clients, we also want to ensure that candidates have a good experience. 

Candidates can experience job seeking as a dehumanising and demoralising period filled with anxiety and concern about whether they are good enough.  We do our best to alleviate this.

We give constructive feedback to all clients that we interview whether they are approved for the final position or not.  By gaining feedback, candidates will be able to better prepare for their futures.

Keeping Your Cash-Flow In Mind

While using a recruiting service is cost effective, it can still be expensive,

We break up the costs to help with cash-flow.

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