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Executive Recruitment Agencies Newcastle

If you’re looking for an executive recruitment agency in Newcastle, you’ve found us! Here at Schward Recruit; as one of the top recruitment agencies in Newcastle, we are dedicated to finding you a perfect applicant for your job role. We know that skill level isn’t the only important factor in choosing a new employee; it’s also about how well a person can fit in with the current culture of your business. Whether your vacancies are due to new roles being created through the growth of your company or simply because an existing staff member is leaving, we are here to problem solve for you and build you a team that will succeed.

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Looking for an Executive Recruitment Agency in Newcastle?

At Schward Recruit we are experts with years of experience recruiting people into their ideal job roles. We have conducted thousands of interviews in person and over the phone to successfully fulfil job roles at every experience level from apprentices to directors. Our ads are specifically designed for your individual job role and we never use generic ads – this is the only way we can find the perfect candidate that matches all your requirements.

Why Choose Schward Recruit as your Executive Recruitment Agency?

At Schward Recruit we not only aim to fill your vacancy but to find the ideal candidate to further the success of your business. This is why, unlike other Recruitment Agencies; we only require 50% payment at the time of appointment. Once your chosen employee begins working with you we give a warranty period.

During your warranty period we keep in contact with you and your new employee to solve any issues and answer any questions. If you are not happy with your chosen candidate during this time, we will find you a new appointment based off your feedback at our expense so there is no additional cost to you. Recruitment can be challenging for any business so using a reputable recruitment agency is extremely beneficial for your business.

We dedicate ourselves to finding you your ideal employee. Other Recruitment Agencies tend to focus strictly on skill level, but we know there is more to the perfect candidate than this. We have used our abundance of industry expertise to create a careful recruitment process. This includes considering their CV, followed by interviews. We also use a range of tests in addition to the industry standard to better understand whether they have the right skills and the right personality to be a good fit for your vacancy and firm.

Want to Get Started With the Best Executive Recruitment Agency?

We offer free consultations to understand your company and needs and we guarantee to find you a choice of high quality candidates within three weeks. If you’re ready to get your recruitment process started, please get in touch with us today by filling in the form on our website. Alternatively, you can give our team a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. As one of the most trusted executive recruitment agencies in Newcastle, we can’t wait to hear more about your business and find a way that we can work together.

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Benefits of Schward

Exceptional Personalised Service


Client Focus

 We visit all of our clients, and take the time to learn what they really need.


Saving Your Time

We go through the time-intensive process of reviewing candidates’ written applications, phone interviews and then face-to-face interviews. Where necessary, candidates will also have specific aptitude, psychometric and skills testing.



We present candidates who are most aligned to the client for their consideration.

Where is Schward?

Schward is Wherever You Need Us to Be.

Flexible & Mobile

At Schward, no matter whether your business is in a capital city, a major regional centre or  somewhere smaller, we want to do everything we can to help.

This means that we will come and speak to you about your needs, and do everything we can to find the staff most aligned to the position that you need filled.

For Candidates

Candidates Are Important Too

While our focus is on introducing the best aligned health candidates to our clients, we also want to ensure that candidates have a good experience. 

Candidates can experience job seeking as a dehumanising and demoralising period filled with anxiety and concern about whether they are good enough.  We do our best to alleviate this.

We give constructive feedback to all clients that we interview whether they are approved for the final position or not.  By gaining feedback, candidates will be able to better prepare for their futures.

Keeping Your Cash-Flow In Mind

While using a recruiting service is cost effective, it can still be expensive,

We break up the costs to help with cash-flow.

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