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Often we hear that applicants are unsure of how to prepare themselves to go through the process of applying for positions.  This is not an unreasonable query, the days where you can expect to submit a simple resume and turn up to a friendly interview are passing us by.  Now, it is a much more competitive world, if you haven’t done the work to make sure that your application is presented in the best possible way, someone else will have and it is likely that they will be considered more favourably.

Therefore, we are providing this resource to help candidates with their applications and interviews, not only for applications via Schward, but for application with an employer or other recruiter.

If you would like to register with us, click the button above and send a copy of your resume, we will keep it on file and let you know if we come across any positions that you might be interested in.  

We wish you every success in the future and hope that this resource will have assisted you in some way.


Understanding the Recruitment Process

The Application Process

How many people really know what is involved in applying for a position?  There are a range of stages. There is some variance between jobs though the general process is similar. It helps if you know what the process is, and where you are in that process.  The steps...

Understanding Alignment

What Do Employers Want? Before you apply for a position, put yourself in the employer’s shoes. Why are they wanting to employ someone for this job? It might be that they want to expand the business, or they are replacing someone who has left.  It may not be possible...

Attention Grabbing Cover Letters

The Cover Letter

Cover letters are often under-rated in importance, but they are vitally important.  Some recruiters will not even look at a CV if it has not been accompanied by a cover letter.  The cover letter is your first chance to demonstrate why YOU are right for THIS JOB. A...

Engaging Resumes

Preparing a Resume or CV

The CV or résumé is the primary document that you will present, and should include your educational and occupational background.  Most often, people create a document and use the same document for every application.  However, a CV or résumé should be sculpted for each...

Artificial Intelligence and Automatic Tracking Systems

Whenever you write, it is important to ensure that the document is suitable for the intended purpose. So far, we have addressed issues that will be relevant for human readers, but more and more, cover letters and CV’s will be read by computer using AI and ATS. It is...

Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is sometimes described as a ‘professional Facebook’ Each user creates a professional profile, and this is on display and searchable to others within LinkedIn, and more generally on the web. It has a number of purposes including: Networking for business...

Preparing for the Interview

10 Questions to Ask in Your Job Interview

Why Ask the Interviewer Questions? Job interviews cause anxiety.  Usually, the focus is on answering questions and when the candidate is asked if they have any questions, many candidates often answer a simple ‘no’.  However, asking questions of the interviewer is an...

About the Interview

Once the application has been made, and the AI and/or human assessors have made their initial culls, the process advances forward to a series of interviews. The number of interviews involved will vary from position to position and the preferences of the people who are...

Interview Preparation

Behavioural interviewing is based on the assumption that past performance will be predictive of future performance. In other words, people repeat their behaviour over and over again even if the environment changes.  It is attractive because it is thought to accurately...

Sample Behavioural Questions

As discussed in an earlier post, behavioural questions are the most common form of interviewing at the present time.  The same questions will be asked of each candidate, and the responses can easily be compared to provide the interviewers with a better guide of the...

The Skills Interview

The purpose of the skills based interview is to isolate a candidates particular skill set. This will usually be conducted by someone with a specific skillset akin to that required by the position needing to be filled. Generally it would not be a separate interview but...

Contact a Recruitment Specialist Today

Suite 3, Level 27

1 Farrer Place

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Contact a Recruitment Specialist Today

Suite 3, Level 27

1 Farrer Place

Sydney, NSW 2000

1800 345 600

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