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Are you searching for a quality recruitment agency in Western Sydney? Whether you have a single opening to replace someone who is leaving or multiple vacancies because your business is expanding, Schward Recruit has the solution.

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Discover One of the Leading Recruitment Agencies in Sydney West!

We believe in creating partnerships with our clients to provide quality service from day one, throughout the recruitment process and into the candidate’s employment. We focus on finding compatible personalities as well as the relevant skillset to enable long-lasting relationships between the employee and the company.

3 Benefits of Using Western Sydney Recruitment Agencies

Choosing to use agency services for recruitment can be advantageous for your business. Not only does specialist support relieve pressure but it also has 3 key benefits:

Saves Time

The recruitment process can be time consuming; even conducting one interview often takes over 30 minutes. When you calculate the time taken by tasks such as screening candidates, conducting interviews, negotiating salary and so on; the hours soon add up. Using an agency means this time can be better spent on operational tasks.

Expert Knowledge

Requesting specialist support ensures a smoother, more successful process. An agency will have much more knowledge and experience to create better advertisements, assess CVs quicker and ask stronger questions during interview. Agents are trained to find the best candidate for the role so utilising their skills is a wise move.

Access More Candidates

Above all, recruitment agencies could have your perfect candidate already on their books leading to a quicker process. Also, using an agency enables a wider reach; they have the skills and experience to contact even passive candidates to see if they would consider your role.

Why Choose Schward Recruit?

We pride ourselves on being the best recruitment agency in Sydney West with a difference. By focusing on matching personality as well as skillset, we conduct in-depth assessments of each candidate to find an individual that will fit in with the company as well as being able to complete their day to day tasks to a high standard.

Unlike other agencies, we do not take full payment upon placement. We like clients to feel reassured that they have our support into the candidate’s employment; 50% of our fee is payable after three months when we are sure that both client and employee are happy. We have done this for a number of industries, such as health recruitment and sales recruitment, and we have firsthand experience in finding suitable candidates with our process. 

We also provide a three month warranty for each employee – if clients are not happy with the individual at the end of the three months, we begin the process again at no additional cost. We create partnerships with our clients, providing support and assistance throughout.

At Schward Recruit, we do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Contrary to other recruitment agencies in Western Sydney, we generate personalised adverts that are specific to clients and their needs rather than using a single ad for multiple openings.

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Benefits of Schward

Exceptional Personalised Service


Client Focus

 We visit all of our clients, and take the time to learn what they really need.


Saving Your Time

We go through the time-intensive process of reviewing candidates’ written applications, phone interviews and then face-to-face interviews. Where necessary, candidates will also have specific aptitude, psychometric and skills testing.



We present candidates who are most aligned to the client for their consideration.

Where is Schward?

Schward is Wherever You Need Us to Be.

Flexible & Mobile

At Schward, no matter whether your business is in a capital city, a major regional centre or  somewhere smaller, we want to do everything we can to help.

This means that we will come and speak to you about your needs, and do everything we can to find the staff most aligned to the position that you need filled.

For Candidates

Candidates Are Important Too

While our focus is on introducing the best aligned health candidates to our clients, we also want to ensure that candidates have a good experience. 

Candidates can experience job seeking as a dehumanising and demoralising period filled with anxiety and concern about whether they are good enough.  We do our best to alleviate this.

We give constructive feedback to all clients that we interview whether they are approved for the final position or not.  By gaining feedback, candidates will be able to better prepare for their futures.

Keeping Your Cash-Flow In Mind

While using a recruiting service is cost effective, it can still be expensive,

We break up the costs to help with cash-flow.

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